monday’s mix

i dropped the ball yesterday on my sunday’s tune post. it was a first for me since i started doing it. so in order to make up for that i give you, or should i say core news give you what is likely the last BROWNSWOOD BASEMENT show that gilles peterson will do on radio 1. he only has two shows left before he ends his 13 years of general awesomeness on the bbc. i’m expecting be things for the last show. anyway… the brownswood basement is a vinyl only, no reissues, show that gilles does 2-3 times a year. these shows served as a blue print for the kitchen sink mixes i’ve given out to friends over the years (volume 7 is coming i promise). really, because of gilles i now want a radio show. 

aside from what gilles plays which is always mindblowing you’ll hear 15 minutes of an old mix madlib put together of some of his dustiest vinyl. then dj shadow lays down some of the most acid laced gospel you may ever hear in your life. lastly you have an interview between gilles and roy ayers! i think this more than makes up for me dropping the ball yesterday. 


Download via: core news