Blak Majik Feat. Jhené Aiko

Common — Nobody's Smiling


summer song for all my homie worldwide!

the new common album is his best since “like water for chocolate”. believe me

Me and @48blocks reunion. #skateboarding #truefriends

Finally made it to the Kara Walker show. If you can get to Brooklyn by July 6th I highly suggest you check it out. #karawalker #brooklyn #art #

Tree of Life

Ab-Soul — These Days...


the beat at the second half of this track is like… FUUUUUUUCK!


Cause I just wanna live like the trees, shoot the breeze, stay around some leaves, you nah mean?

On a Steve Madden Music shoot right now with @thetontons. It’s a little hot. #stevemaddenmusic #hardatwork

Who Do You Think You're Fooling? Pt 1

Symphonic Four — Who Do You Think You're Fooling? Pt 1


sunday’s tune:¬†scratchy soul edition

Coney Island sexiset time of year. The Mermaid Parade! #coneyisland #mermaidparade

Of My Hands

The Goretti Group With Dennis De Souza Trio — Calypsoul 70


audio perfection

Kentile Floors is about to come down #studiolife #damnshame #kentilefloors #brooklyn

Bird Fly So High

Damon — Song of a Gypsy


d.i.t.n. (diggin in the net)

i’m really not sure what genre you would call this but i’m going to call it “good”.